Hundreds of Jewish settlers storm Salfit village

Pshycotic Jewish setters terrorize Palestinians dail

SALFIT, (PIC)– Hundreds of Jewish settlers stormed the village of Kefel Haris at a late night hour on Wednesday and stayed till dawn Thursday under the protection of Israeli occupation forces, local sources said.

Hebrew media reported that 1400 settlers mounting tens of buses arrived in the village under tight IOF security measures then offered Talmudic rituals near an Islamic shrine before leaving in the morning.

Mamun Buzaya, a spokesman for the village’s municipality, said that IOF units stormed the village at night Wednesday, imposed a curfew, occupied rooftops of buildings, and established military barriers.

He said that settlers an hour later arrived in the buses and roamed the village streets while shouting and reveling, adding that they were in thousands.

Buzaya said that the settlers claim they were visiting Jewish religious shrines in the village, adding that they stormed the village 46 times during 2011 for the same alleged purpose.

Villagers told the PIC reporter that the settlers attacked civilian cars and property and threw garbage at their homes.







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