Killed by Israel, Eaten by Dogs

Families grieve the loss of children murdered by Zionist thugs

By Ola Attallah, IOL Correspondent

GAZA CITY – “Oh, God! I have never seen such a terrible scene,” cried Kayed Abu Aukal.The emergency doctor could not believe himself seeing the remains of what was days back Shahd, a full-fleshed 4-year-old Palestinian girl.

She died when an Israeli shell was fired at the backyard of her home in the Jabalya refugee camp northern Gaza strip, where she was playing.

When her parents attempted to rush to the rescue of their kid, who fell to the ground amid a pool of her blood, rains of Israeli bullets kept them a distance.

For the next five days Shahd’s which was left lying in the open left for dogs to tear out.

“The dogs did leave one single part of the poor baby’s body intact,” said a tearful Abu Aukal.

“We have seen heart-breaking scenes over the past 18 days. We picked up children whose bodies were torn or burnt, but nothing like this.”

For five days Shahd’s brother, Matar, and cousin, Mohamed, tried in vain to reach her body. They were fired at by the Israeli occupation forces every time.

Seeing the body of the little angel torn to piece by the assaulting dogs, the two made one final attempt, and it was their last.

They were showered by Israeli bullets before they could reach Shahd’s body, joining a long list of more than 920 Palestinians killed by Israel since December 27.


Omran Zayda, a young neighbor, said the Israelis knew very well what they were doing.

“They chased her family and prevented them from reaching to her body, knowing that the dogs would eat it,” he said.

“They are not just killing our children, they are intentionally doing so in the most heinous and inhuman ways.”

Zayda said words, and even cameras, can not describe the horrific scene.

“You can never imagine what the dogs have done to her innocent body,” he said, fighting back his tears.

Many Palestinians insist Shahd was not the first or only such case.

In Jabalya, when Abd Rabu’s family was trying to bury three of its dead, the Israeli forces started firing at them, witnesses said.

They then released their dogs at the bodies, deserted by mourners who sought shelter from the Israeli gunfire, they added.

“What happened was awful and unthinkable,” Saad Abd Rabu, the deceased uncle, told IOL.

“Our sons died before our eyes and we were even prevented from burying them,” he cried.

“The Israelis just released their dogs at their bodies, as even they have not done enough.”


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  1. As salamu Alaikum to all
    the Ummah,may ALLAH swt protect us from
    our enemies.May ALLAH swt punish the isrealis(ameen).By ALLAH swt,I call on Muslims country Around the world to unite as ONE,WE KNOW OUR ENEMIES SO WE’LL

  2. Wa’alaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Ismail,

    Iran is not developing nuclear weapons and war is not the way to defeat the enemy. Educating people to the truth about our enemies and uniting not only Muslims but Christians as well. We all share a common enemy

  3. A sad story! very inhuman of them. May Allah have mercies on the departed souls!

  4. thank you for giving voice to the voiceless

  5. Every time I read an article on your page, it increases my hatred towards those inhuman people. May Allah curse them. And those poor little children and their families and other Palestinians… Inshallah they will have a great reward from Allah in the hereafter.

    Jazakallah for letting us know what is being done by these Israeli people over there. What they are doing is apparently a BIG BIG CRIME but sadly the Muslim leaders don’t speak up.

    I wish i could do something whenever I hear about their condition but at the most what I can do is keep practicing Islam strictly, the way it should be followed and help others in doing so. May Allah help the Palestinians.

  6. May God vanish those who injure our brothers & sisters

  7. Israelis are the scumiest people on earth.. cold blooded dogs out in the jungle .. Itfooo

  8. this is absolutely inhuman and disgusting that people could shoot children and deny families the right to bury their dead. As for letting dogs loose to desecrate the bodies, I am utterly speechless at this inhumanity.

  9. Aslaam u Alaikum,
    It’s really shocking that these crimes are committed by the Israelies so openly. Why is no one taking action? Is the whole world Israels puppet? Wake up people! We can crush Israel if we all stand together and voice our opinions. I’d say the rest of the world is responsible for these crimes as we are standing back and letting these cruel bastards torture and murder defenceless innocent children and people

  10. Christine Linley

    I wept

  11. Why cant these attrocities be shown on tv like the Syrian torture machine shown on channel four all tyrants need to be exposed not just Syria or Egypt but Israel tyrants aswell.

  12. Good night my very special friend, I pray you lay in rest,And may tomorrow bring you, Much love and happiness. do not think of me…i m in ur eyes..”…. “

  13. Margaret Bowman

    This evil will not go unpunished. The Israelis are far too cocksure of themselves. They are turning themselves into subhumans and will destroy themselves eventually. There is such a thing as hell, and they will go there and pay horribly for what they have done and are doing.

  14. one cannot even comment ….i only have anger and lots of it

  15. bench jacken guenstig
    It is very difficult to get advised persons for this matter, nevertheless, you seem like you no doubt know what you are writing on! With thanks

  16. I wish BOTH sides would stop this craziness. BOTH. They are both guilty of crimes against humanity and they are both equally evil, Not Godly for murdering, torturing, brain washing and stubbornly continuing this blood shed for DECADES

    • You’re wrong, there is only one side to this story. The Palestinians didn’t invade Europe, their land was invaded by Zionist Jews with no ties to the land and no right to exist in Palestine. For sixty three years the illegal Zionist state has been committing war crimes and ethnic cleansing that continues today on the indigenous people. Its the Jews that need to stop this craziness and as Helen Thomas said “go back to Poland, Germany and the US were they belong”.

  17. Andre, I agree with you completely. The zionists are the ones trying to kill or displace each and every Palestinian. In fact, they are doing what the Germans did to them all those years ago. When it comes to garnering pity the zionists have very long memories but when it comes to the treatment of the Palestinians their memories are very short, indeed.

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