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IOF soldiers arrested 73 Palestinians including 15 children over the past week

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested 73 Palestinian citizens including two women and 15 children in various West Bank provinces over the past week.

A statistics report issued by Hamas on Saturday pointed out that most of those detained were taken from Al-Khalil (28 individuals).

The report said that the two women, including a 52-year-old, were detained in a Ramallah village, adding that the 15 minors were in the age category 12 – 18.

Two of the detainees were recently released from PA jails in Nablus, the report said.

It said that the Israeli occupation authority renewed the administrative detention, without trial or charge, of two Hamas MPs and ordered the detention of a third Hamas MP to six months administrative custody.


Arab League demands UN, quartet to end Gaza siege

Editors note; First there are some members of the Arab League that need to end their collaboration with the Zionist entity. Until then, they like a watch dog without teeth, all bark and no bite.

CAIRO, (PIC)– The Arab League called on the UN and the international quartet on the middle east to work on ending Israel’s inhuman blockade on the Gaza Strip.

This came in a statement issued by the League on the third anniversary of Israel’s wanton war on Gaza.

The statement emphasized the need to bring Israeli war criminals to international justice for the serious violations they have committed against the Palestinians.

The statement also highlighted that Gaza still suffers from the implications of the war which destroyed its infrastructure, claimed the lives of  more than 1,400 Palestinians and caused injuries to about 4,000 others.

The League underlined that Israel is persistent in violating the international law by its refusal to end its blockade on Gaza people, which led to the deterioration of their health, living and educational conditions and obstructed reconstruction efforts.

It pointed out that despite three years after the war, there are still growing voices inside Israel, encouraged by the international passivity, calling for a new devastating war on Gaza.

In a related incident, protestors from Egypt and Arab countries participated on Friday in the march and ceremony that were organized in Cairo by Al-Azhar Mosque on the third anniversary of Gaza war.

The protestors chanted slogans attacking the Israeli occupation regime and its violations in the occupied territories, and demanding an end to Gaza blockade.

Sabri condemns Judaization of Jerusalem

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Imam of the Aqsa Mosque and head of the Supreme Islamic Council, Dr. Ekrema Sabri, condemned the acceleration of Judaization process of the occupied city of Jerusalem. He condemned land appropriation to build settlements as well as the policy of demolishing homes of Palestinians and exiling them.

Sheikh Sabri pointed out the increase in the number of attacks against mosques by Jewish settlers during his Friday sermon today at the Aqsa Mosque.

“The so called mayor of Jerusalem has taken the racist decision of confiscation 740 dunums of land in Eisaweyyah and Tour suburbs in east Jerusalem,” he said adding that the land is to be confiscated under the rubric of establishing a national park and nature reserve.
He added that the bitter truth was that the occupation authorities intend to build a settlement on this confiscated land. They also intend to build a military college on the other part.

“This way the occupation authorities can establish a new circle around Jerusalem, while residents of Eisaweyyah suffer from a shortage in housing because it has been surrounded from all sides,” he said adding that 96% of the land of Eisaweyyah has been confiscated, leaving Palestinians with only 4% of their land.

He described the confiscation of land by the occupation as arbitrary, oppressive and illegal, stressing that Palestinians have the right to use their own land. He further stressed that the measures taken by the occupation authorities were racist, as they are building settlements for Jews who are brought from all over the world, while the indigenous population is being denied the right to build on their own land.

He also referred to the fact that the Israeli occupation is trying to reduce the number of Palestinians inside Jerusalem by isolating a number of populated suburbs of Jerusalem outside the apartheid wall which will deny about 70,000 Jerusalemites their right to residence in the holy city and thus instantly change its demography.

He also said that the ID cards of 14,000 Jerusalem residents have been withdrawn by the occupation authorities while giving Jewish settlers a free hand.
Sheikh Sabri pointed out that the onslaught against Palestinians has reached the stage of settlers calling for a ban on Athan at the pretext that it disturbs them which, he said, is a Muslim religious rite that has been performed in Jerusalem and Palestine over the past 15 centuries.

“Raising the Athan is our right. We will not stop raising the Athan and we say clearly: anyone who gets disturbed by the Athan can go back to where s/he came from,” he said.